Lolrus for real

A real walrus

The Lolrus is an offshoot of the lolcat family, a creature that has an unusual attachment to buckets. It is typically seen harassing people that it believes may be in possession of its bucket. Believe it or not, but the original creature known as the Lolrus is not actually a walrus, but a Southern Elephant seal (

the Lolrus

Mirounga leonina). Some of the pictures depicting a Lolrus are in fact walruses, but others are not. On the right is a picture of a Lolrus that is an walrus; on the left is a Lolrus that is an elephant seal. One can distinguish a walrus from an elephant seal by noticing a lack of tusks, and a prominent nose. Elephant seals are true seals, identified by their inability to bend their back flippers forward as feet. True seals cannot do this, while sea lions and walruses can. True seals are also called earless seals on account of the lack of external ears. One can also